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Free Boiler Grants

Are you a homeowner in the UK and have a boiler that is over 15 years old?

Are you aware that the UK Government offers free boiler replacements for homeowners on benefits who have outdated heating systems?


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Useful information about the ECO4 boiler grants

The ECO4 boiler grant scheme is a governmental effort designed to supply eligible homeowners with free boiler replacements, enhancing energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions.

Who can apply for an ECO4 grant in the UK?

Common eligibility requirements often involve being a homeowner or private tenant, qualifying for specific means-tested benefits, and owning a boiler that is inefficient and requires replacement.

How do I know if my boiler is inefficient and needs to be replaced?

Our Gas Safe certified engineer can evaluate the efficiency of your boiler during a complimentary assessment. Usually, boilers that are more than 15 years old or have a low energy efficiency rating (below a C rating, for instance) are deemed inefficient.

Which benefits must I be on to be eligible for the ECO4 boiler grant?

Qualifying benefits include Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, and various income-related benefits. Eligibility requirements can differ, so consulting with one of our advisors is advisable for accurate information.

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Introduced in January 2013, the Government’s ECO4 Scheme aims to combat fuel poverty and assist in reducing carbon emissions.

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How to apply for a free boiler grant

In 4 easy steps, you can determine if you qualify for a free boiler grant for your home.

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Free Boiler Grants FAQs

Below you can find a list of questions and answers for Government funded free boiler grants in the UK.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, then please contact us for a free consultation.

Our service simplifies the ECO4 Grant application procedure, removing any complexities. We ensure you’re informed at every step of the process and will notify you when your new boiler installation is scheduled.

Commonly, you’ll have to submit identification proof, homeownership or tenancy verification, and documentation proving your benefits eligibility, such as recent statements or letters from appropriate government agencies.

The timeline for the application process may differ based on elements like demand and how thoroughly your application is completed. Typically, if you fulfill all eligibility requirements, it spans from a few weeks from the time of application to the installation.

No, the ECO4 boiler grant fully funds the boiler replacement and its installation. If you are eligible for the grant, there should be no upfront costs for you.

The kind of boiler installed is determined by several factors, including the heating needs of your property and the suggestions from our evaluating engineer. Usually, replacements involve the installation of energy-efficient condensing boilers.

Yes, regular maintenance of your boiler is crucial for maintaining its efficiency and safety. The technicians who install your boiler can provide guidance on the suggested maintenance routines and might also include maintenance services within the installation package.

Applying for an ECO4 boiler replacement grant is ideally done before the colder months arrive, to prepare for when your heating system will be most needed. Opting to apply in warmer months like spring or summer often leads to faster processing and shorter installation wait times, given the lower demand for replacements. Additionally, resolving any heating system issues before winter ensures your home stays warm and cozy through the cold. It’s essential to remember, though, that the grant application is open year-round to those who qualify, so you can apply anytime. For further details or assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

If your home currently lacks a central heating system yet you’re interested in the ECO4 boiler replacement grant, eligibility may still be possible under certain conditions. The ECO4 scheme focuses on enhancing energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions, hence considering alternative heating solutions is part of its objectives.

Options may include:

– Full Central Heating System Installation: Homes in Kent without a central heating setup could receive support for installing a comprehensive system, which includes a boiler, radiators, pipework, and necessary controls.

– Alternative Heating Solutions: Should a central heating system installation be impractical, the scheme may support alternative solutions like renewable heating technologies, including air source heat pumps or biomass boilers, to provide efficient and sustainable home heating.

– Home Assessment: Our team of installers or assessors will likely conduct an in-home evaluation to understand your heating requirements and suggest the most fitting solution, taking into account the size of your property, its insulation, and energy needs.

– Eligibility Considerations: Qualification for the grant might still hinge on various factors, such as your income, benefit status, and your home’s energy efficiency levels. Consulting with our heating advisors is crucial to ascertain your eligibility and explore available options.

Although the absence of a central heating system might influence the type of support you can access through the ECO4 scheme, several pathways are available to enhance your home’s heating efficiency. Reach out to us for guidance on navigating your specific situation towards a suitable heating solution.

The ECO4 free boiler replacement grants are financed through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Under this arrangement, large UK energy providers are mandated to contribute to making residential properties more energy-efficient. This involves the implementation of measures such as enhancing insulation, upgrading heating systems, and substituting old, inefficient boilers.

To fulfill their ECO obligations, these energy companies allocate funds sourced from their customers’ energy bills. As part of their commitment, they must allocate funds to support eligible households in boosting their energy efficiency, which can include financing the replacement and installation of a more efficient boiler.

This provision allows eligible homeowners to receive a new boiler at no cost. While the specifics of the ECO scheme’s funding and administration may shift due to changes in government regulations, the core principle remains that energy suppliers finance home energy-saving improvements to satisfy their ECO responsibilities.